Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts for Men

Need something for that hard-to-shop-for fella? Check out these fun and stylish gifts for the guys in your life.

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B&H Photo
HIS TOYS // ROLLEIFLEX MINI DIGITAL CAMERA: This retro style digital camcorder looks incredibly hip and, at the size of a deck of cards, it's not too big for your guy to tote around. Bonus: maybe you can borrow it! $299, B&H Photo.
KEY SHAPED POCKET KNIFE: This stealthy shiv will fit right on your key ring and isn't much larger than an ordinary key -- making it easier to find when you wonder "now where did I put my murderous concealed weapon?" $24.99, Garrett Wade.
Crate & Barrel
HIS HOME // SHUN KEN ONION KNIFE: Have an aspiring chef on your hands? Shun knives are about as sexy as they get... design-wise we mean. They are well crafted and the onion knife makes for a handy addition to a plain old cutlery set. $199.95, Crate & Barrel.
HIS HOME // DART COATHOOKS: Normally guys aren't super into home decor, but these dart coathooks will get his attention. Made of stainless steel, they have screw tips to drill into a wall. $32, Elsewares.
Denielle Allen
HIS HOME // COCKTAIL SHAKER: So he fancies himself a regular James Bond, eh? If not in the rugged Daniel Craig looks department, perhaps in the shaken not stirred department. Go for a sleek and elegant cocktail shaker... a perfect martini is not guaranteed, but a stylish bar is. $21.95, Crate & Barrel.
HIS HOME // BICYCLE WHEEL CLOCK: This minimalist timepiece is made from a recycled bike wheel by a designer from Virginia, which is obviously for clock lovers. $99,
HIS HOME // ORK POSTERS: From a Chi-based design gal, Ork maps denote city neighborhoods by filling their boundaries with the hood's name in the DIN 1451 typeface, also the signage font ignored by speeding motorists in Germany. $35,
Tac Bac
HIS FRIDGE // TACTICAL BACON: Packing an artorially gruesome 1,080 calories of delicious pig strips, Tac-Bac's canned bacon will stay edible for 10 years, giving you plenty of time to consider ending it all in one myocardial infarctive swoop. $15,
Getty Images
HIS FRIDGE // MICROBEER OF THE MONTH CLUB: If your guy likes them tall, cool and off-the-beaten path, try a beer of the month club that features four different microbrew selections each month. Mmmmm, beer. $34.95 a month,
HIS FRIDGE // RUBY JEWEL ICE CREAM SANDWICHES: Ruby Jewel makes the best artisanal ice cream sandwiches on the planet, and they're available in flavors such as Dark Chocolate Cookie with Fresh Mint. They are available via overnight shipping. Maybe he'll share! Mmmm. $55, Ruby Jewel.
Brooks Brothers
HIS CLOSET // BROOKS BROTHERS BOXERS: Don't you hate when men say they could actually use underwear and socks? Well, give his family jewels something to celebrate with a nice pair of skivvies. Brooks Brothers has undies that range from simple to fun, like these green tattersalls. 3 for $54, Brooks Brothers.
Natick Police
HIS CLOSET // JEAN SHOP PERFECT CANVAS BELT: It's harder than it looks to find the perfect casual belt, so don't let the simplicity of this canvas model fool you. Italian made with leather and brass details, it's perfectly proportioned and built for jeans, and will last forever. It comes in 10 colors, from natural to navy. $65,
J Crew
HIS CLOSET // BELSTAFF TRAILMASTER JACKET: Bikers and fashionistos alike will dig this cool and versatile jacket. Move over boring peacoat, this bad boy's blazing a new trail of warm. $795, JCrew.
J Crew
HIS CLOSET // TIMEX MILITARY WATCH: J Crew's men's accessory shop is excellent. Start with their collaboration with Timex, a clean, simple, slightly retro watch. Throw in an extra 20 bucks for a canvas strap in orange. $150, JCrew.
Getty Images
HIS CLOSET // DESIGN YOUR OWN NIKE DUNK LOW ID: What's cooler than a pair of Nike's? Um, your own custom pair of Nike's. You can pick from a variety of styles or design your own from scratch. Just do it. $110,
HIS TOYS // NOOK E-READER: From book-hemoth retailer Barnes & Noble, the Nook one-ups Amazon's grayscale Kindle by adding color, more storage space, and Wi-Fi -- makes up for in tech sexy what it lacks in the ability to read safely on the beach. $259,
HIS TOYS // KA-BAR BECKER TOOL: Ostensibly a household wunder-tool for cutting rope and wire, prying surfaces apart, and pulling nails, the KA-Bar also happens to look like a vicious melee weapon, so you can intimidate the hell out of your IKEA furniture. $87.95,
Radio Shack
HIS TOYS // MICRO MOSQUITO REMOTE CONTROLLED HELICOPTER: The warning labels says this remote controlled helicopter poses a choking hazard for children under 3. What it doesn't warn you about is that men aged 13+ can have waaaay too much fun with this tiny remote controlled helicopter. $79.99, RadioShack.
Getty Images
HIS TOYS // THE BEATLES: ROCK BAND: Want to be the walrus? No holiday list would be complete without The Beatles for Rock Band, ya know. A variety of gameplay environments include Abbey Road (natch); the set comes with bass, drums and mike. Available for Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. $250,
HIS TOYS // PANTEL WATERPROOF HD TV: The guy who has everything probably has this, too. But that doesn't make it less fun to ogle. Pentel's 65" all-weather TV produces a 1080p picture, extra bright and in a temperature-controlled aluminum case for extra durability. Pictured here in the Grotto at the Playboy Mansion. $26,600, from Neiman Marcus.
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