“Gotti” Movie Keeping it in the Family: Travolta's Wife Cast?

We're taking this with a grain salt because, well, we're taking everything related to "Gotti: Three Generations" with a grain of salt. Especially the assumption that this will ever actually get made.

But...word is spreading that Kelly Preston has join the cast as Victoria Gotti. That's right, the woman who has been playing John Travolta's wife for years will now play his wife onscreen. Their daughter, Ella Bleu, will be playing their daughter. Really.

This news comes on the heels of the announcement that veteran director Barry Levinson was stepping into the vacated chair of Nick Cassavetes, and that Lindsay Lohan will be in the movie if, you know, little things like jail don't eat up her calendar.

This family affair is rumored to be shooting in the fall.

In related news, Charlie Sheen is claiming that his infamous "accidental shooting" of Preston back when they were a couple in the early 90s never happened. He's telling "Violent Torpedo of Truth" paying audience members (both of them!) that Preston picked up a pair of pants that happened to have a gun in them and it discharged. Sheen wasn't even in the room. Too bad that story is coming about 20 years and 15 live shows too late for anyone to car.

Really, Charlie? You wait until Vancouver to bust out that anecdote? 

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