New Jersey

Goat With Anxiety Only Calms Down in Her Duck Costume

The costume was bought for some Halloween fun, but Polly's caretakers realized it comforted her

A six-month-old goat is only able to deal with its anxiety when it puts on a fluffy duck onesie, the "Today" show reported.

Partially blind and with other neurological issues, Polly has a team of caretakers near her New Jersey home who found the solution for some of her most anxious moments.

Leanne Lauricella, the founder of special needs goat rescue Goats of Anarchy, said she originally bought the costume for Halloween but quickly realized the calming effect it had on Polly.

Polly has several other costumes, like a unicorn onesie and a peapod onesie, which have been posted on Goats of Anarchy's Twitter. But it's the duck costume that works, thanks to its "hugging" quality, the rescue workers believe. 

"While I don't parade her around town in her duck costume, I do bring it out when she needs it," Lauricella told "Today."

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