Earl's Beer & Cheese, A Cozy Den of Cheesy Goodness

Where can you go when you’re nostalgic for some childhood eats, but out-of-the-box mac 'n' cheese just isn’t going to cut it for you? Go to Earl’s Beer & Cheese. Here, chef Corey Cova spins off of your favorite cheesy childhood foods in a way that will satisfy your matured taste buds. The mac & cheese is made with goat cheese and rosemary mixed with shredded chicken. Need more cheese? There are three variations of grilled cheese. If you’re craving some super rich, salty goodness, try The Earl’s Eggo—an Eggo waffle topped with foie gras, cheddar and bacon. Earl’s is very small so you may have to elbow your way inside, but it’ll be worth it.

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Earl’s Beer & Cheese
1259 Park Avenue
(between 97th St & 98th St)
New York, NY 10029

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