Bethenny Frankel Says Her Reality Days Are Numbered

Always outspoken reality star Bethenny Frankel stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Friday and, as usual, no topics were off limits with the hilarious "SkinnyGirl" pioneer.

Following a clip from Bethenny's show, "Bethenny Ever After," in which Bethenny was seen trying on bras, Billy Bush jumped right into the good stuff asking, "Is there anything that you won't show on the show?"

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"Full vagina," Bethenny deadpanned.

"But half is OK?" Billy asked, laughing.

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"Yeah. Like, quarters," Bethenny told Billy and Kit Hoover. "Upper and lower quadrants. I have standards!"

Bethenny, who got her reality TV start on Bravo's "The Real Housewives of New York," then branched off to a solo show with "Bethenny Getting Married?," now stars in "Bethenny Ever After," which follows her life as a wife and new mom to 10-month-old daughter Bryn.

"Little Bryn is the best – she stands on her own now," Bethenny told Billy and Kit of her daughter with husband Jason Hoppy. "Her little thing is to clap – 'If you're happy and you know it' — and she's happy and she's knows it, so she's clapping."

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Adding, "She travels with me everywhere. I just love it so much. She's such a doll baby!"

"Let's say she's three or four years old — do you still have her on TV? Are you trying to wrestle with that?" Billy asked.

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"No, I'm not trying to wrestle with that. There will be a very immediate future end to my reality television career – it can't go on forever," Bethenny revealed. "It will go on, but not for that long… I would probably say a couple more [seasons] but this isn't going on forever. We really want our private life back."

Another reason for ending the reality camera run is so that Bethenny and her hubby can enjoy more intimacy – though she says Jason isn't bothered by their highly public lifestyle just yet.

"It doesn't really affect my marriage. I mean, we're honestly a team," Bethenny told Billy and Kit. "If it started to affect our marriage we would stop. He enjoys it — not too much, where's it's like Spencer Montag or whatever — but he enjoys it… he would like to get our private life back also."

The couple will celebrate their anniversary this weekend and Bethenny says she plans to keep Jason… entertained.

"This weekend is going to be an all out sex fest," she told Billy and Kit. "It's our anniversary, and then we're going away for two weeks to celebrate our anniversary, locked down. And I'm going to show him the woman that I really can be."

Bethenny stopped by ABC's "Good Morning America" studios in NYC on Tuesday to promote her new book, "A Place of Yes," and happened to be scheduled alongside singer Chris Brown (who reportedly smashed a window and stormed out of the studio after he was asked about his 2009 assault upon former girlfriend Rihanna and the status of his probation).

"He had an entourage that was like Noah's Ark and I'm not kidding," Bethenny told Billy and Kit of Chris Brown's enormous posse. "And I had a non-tourage. I had like, no one with me and he had this huge entourage and he was definitely skittish.

"He was doing those like, jumps around what he was saying and he was like, 'What if that happened during that actual show? What if that could happen?'" she continued. "He was a little skittish — I will say that. But he was singing really well."

"Did you see him backstage throwing stuff around?" Billy asked, while Kit added, "Ripping his shirt off?"

"No! I'm really upset! The driver that had taken me there saw them replace the windows and saw [Chris] come running out with his shirt off," Bethenny said. "But I am just so upset that it couldn't have just been all about me on the day that my book launched. It was like, 'Why couldn't I have been there?'

"50 people! Caravanned Maybachs in," she added, of Chris's luxury car entrance. "I've never seen anything like it. That's where all that money gets wasted – it's so stupid. You need two SUVs and a Maybach? It's like, stop. STOP."

The 40-year-old entrepreneur says her new book, "A Place of Yes," is about "being open to a place of 'yes'" and "not making decisions out of fear."

"I was broke and I was alone and I still always just sort of stuck to the road and knew that I would get there," Bethenny said. "You have to grab your balls — you do! — and it's hard to get you want … but it's about getting it regardless of what other people think you should be doing, or the timeline that you should be working under."

"A Place of Yes" is available in bookstores now.

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