Arson Victim Who Wished For Christmas Cards Has Full Tree

CORRECTION Burned Girl Christmas Cards

The little girl who wished for cards this Christmas is seeing her wish come true, and then some. Safyre Terry's Christmas wish went viral this week after a family friend posted to Facebook, asking people to mail her cards to fill a metal Christmas tree designed to hold Christmas cards, the Today Show reported.

Safyre, who is now 8, was badly burned in an arson house fire three years ago that killed her father and three younger siblings. Her father died cradling Safyre in his arms, which protected her from breathing in hot air and allowed her to survive. Her mother signed over custodial rights to the state, so her father's sister, Liz Dolder, stepped forward to be her guardian.

Safyre's tree is now full, as she explained in a video posted to her Facebook community this week.

"I've got all of these cards on the Christmas tree — I don't think we can put some more on there…thank you," Safyre says in the video, suggesting the rest of the cards be displayed elsewhere in her home.

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