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Trump Needs His 'Own Damn Bucket' to Waterboard: Ex-CIA Director



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    Former CIA director Michael Hayden responded to Donald Trump's views on re-implementing waterboarding, saying if he wanted to do so he'd need to bring his "own damn bucket," claiming it would be too difficult to implement after backlash. Hayden has previously defended the ethics and efficacy of waterboarding in multiple interviews, even after a U.S. Senate Intelligence Report on Torture determined its use to be ineffective.

    In response to GOP candidate Donald Trump's plans to bring back waterbording and other torture if he's elected president, former CIA director Michael Hayden said Trump would have to bring his "own damn bucket."

    Hayden first uttered the line in a Showtime documentary and repeated it to NBC News: "Like the man said, if you want somebody waterboarded, bring your own damn bucket."

    Both current and former CIA officials have agreed with Hayden's sentiments, saying the agency feels so burned by what happened when its post 9/11 interrogation program was exposed that it would refuse any such orders.

    Trump said Wednesday in South Carolina that the U.S. should go "much stronger" when it comes to using torture, saying that not only waterboarding, but stronger methods of torture should be implemented.