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Salt Lake City Police Shooting Sparks Protests



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    Sandra Yi

    Angry protests erupted in Salt Lake City overnight following a police-involved shooting, according to authorities, NBC News reported.

    Salt Lake City Police said the shooting occurred after officers responded to reports of an assault in progress and tried to intervene in the altercation.

    Detective Greg Wilkeng said two officers were involved but it was not yet clear which had fired or how many shots were discharged.

    Police did not identify the victim or release information about his age or condition.

    Wilken said the altercation took place at around 8 p.m. local time and the officer on the scene called for all hands on deck because the scene quickly turned hostile after the shooting.

    Angry people congregated on the street shouting "they shot an innocent kid" and objects were hurled at police officers, witnesses told NBC station KSL.

    Nearly 100 officers — some in riot gear — were involved in the multiagency response, KSL reported.