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Dog in Car Apparently Sends It Into Pond

Only Lucy the bulldog knows exactly what happened



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    Anthony Edwards/The Rutland Herald
    Lucy the bulldog.

    Only Lucy the bulldog, who was waiting for her owner in the car, knows what happened when it ended up in a pond, and she's not talking.

    The Rutland Herald reports her owner, Nick Hayer of Warren, parked against the Killington Grand Resort Hotel in Killington, Vermont, on Thursday, where he was attending a conference. The 2-year-old bulldog was in the passenger seat.

    Not long after that, he learned his car was in a nearby pond.

    Mark Venter, who was mowing the lawn, saw Hayer and Lucy. He later saw the car in the pond, jumped in, reached through an open window and unlocked the vehicle to rescue Lucy. She was unhurt.

    Police said Lucy may have bumped the car's standard-transmission stick into neutral, allowing the car to roll toward the pond.