MTV VJ Pees Off Roof of the Standard Hotel

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Not sure what's worse: the old man in the speedo or the young man sneaking in the bushes with the camera, taking pictures. [NY Sh*tty]

An erotic "interactive Halloween experience" is coming to Times Square in mid-September. [DBTH]

Former MTV VJ Jesse Camp peed off the roof of the Standard Hotel at a party on Sunday, where he told a reporter he was OK in the law's eye. "I didn't break a city law. No one can say that," Camp said. When told that peeing off of roofs is, shockingly, illegal, he asked "can you even blame me?" Yea dude, we can. [Grub Street]

Rent-stabalized tenants at the Ace Hotel have been told to avoid the lobby, unless they buy themselves a drink from the hotel bar first. [Curbed]

Eric Gioia, candidate for Public Candidate in today's election, got a last-minute burst of publicity when his wife gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. [City Room]

A 22-year old NYU grad thinks he can remold the advertising system by creating "webverts," where Laguna Beach-type characters talk about brands. [NY Mag]

Overheard in NYC: Dude urinates in a yellow cab to "mark his territory." [Overheard in New York]

The Hipster Grifter resurfaces from a Utah jail in an ABC news video. [Gothamist]

See ya next spring, ice cream trucks. [Midtown Lunch]

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