WTC Antenna to Be Displayed in 9/11 Exhibit

World Trade Center (WTC)

A section of the television antenna that once sat atop the World Trade Center's north tower is going to be displayed in a new 9/11 Museum in New York City.

"The antenna has a kind of poignancy to it. It was a distinguishing mark, and you knew it was the north tower because it was up there," Alice Greenwald, director of the Memorial Museum, said to the New York Post.

The 20-foot section of the antenna has been salvaged and will be fitted for display in the museum. The north tower's antenna looked small to the naked eye, but it was actually quite massive. It measured 360-feet tall and weighed in at over two tons.

"Re-encountering it in the safe space of the museum is a way of paying homage," Greenwald added.

Another 20-foot section of the antenna is currently on display at the Newseum in Washington D.C.

The museum is slated to open about a year after the Memorial Plaza, which is now set for the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

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