Woman Tries to Lure Girl, 3, Away from Mom on Brooklyn Street: NYPD

The attempted abduction occurred on 80th Street in Bensonhurst

Authorities are searching for a woman accused of trying to lure a 3-year-old girl away from her mother on a Brooklyn street Saturday morning.

The mother, a 28-year-old woman who doesn't want to be identified, told NBC 4 New York that her daughters, 3 and 6, were talking to the woman at about 10 a.m. in Bensonhurst. She said she initially felt no reason to be alarmed.

But the woman suddenly touched the shoulder of the 3-year-old girl and gently guided the child away from her mom. 

The mother, who didn't want her face shown, said: "She has her hand and she walked a few steps. I told her, 'Hold on, where are you going?' And when I said that, she grabbed my daughter and she started to run. When I told her to stop, she was going faster." 

The mother said she yelled at the woman, caught up to her and was able to pull her child away from the woman.

The mother called 911 and the suspect briefly waited, but left before police arrived.

The attempted abduction occurred on 80th Street.

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