Who You Callin' a Sociopath?

Joey Buttafuoco to sue ex over alleged defamation

Joey Buttafuoco may be a lot of things, but he ain't no sociopath. And he's so miffed that his ex-wife called him one in her new book that he's taking her to court.

The Long Island Casanova says he's suing ex-wife Mary Jo Buttafuoco for slandering him in her tell-all novel "Getting It Through My Thick Skull -- Why I Stayed, What I Learned, and What Millions of People Involved With Sociopaths Need to Know," according to a published report.

"The book contains countless references to Mr. Buttafuoco describing and diagnosing him as a sociopath," his lawyer, Russell Halpern, told The New York Post. "We believe that Ms. Buttafuoco is liable."

The ex-auto mechanic's tryst with underage Amy Fisher in the early 1990s prompted the then-crazed teen to put a bullet in Mary Jo's face – a twisted crime of passion that propelled the members of the love triangle into instant stardom.

Although deaf in one ear and partially paralyzed by the shooting, Mary Jo lived and was able to describe the T-shirt her assailant was wearing, which happened to be one from the auto body shop where her husband Joey worked. Recognizing the implications, Joey Buttafuoco accused Fisher as the shooter. 

Rumors swirled that the now 53-year-old Buttafuoco and Fisher were dating again when Buttafuoco's second wife, Evanka, threatened to divorce Joey a few years ago, but Mrs. Buttafuoco No. 2 ended up withdrawing her divorce petition in 2007.  

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