Whale Spotted Near George Washington Bridge

A whale spouted off near the George Washington Bridge Friday afternoon, a day after another one of the massive mammal near the Statue of Liberty and Holland Tunnel.

Video captured by Chopper 4 showed the whale blowing water into the air in the Hudson River shortly before 2 p.m. Several people on social media also spotted the creature at about noon.

The whale appeared healthy, and video shows it feeding on schools of menhaden, or bunker fish.

It's not clear if it is the same whale that was spotted in the waters off lower Manhattan on Thursday. After that sighting, the Coast Guard issued an advisory to boaters.

Rick Thornton, a boat captain for New York Waterway, said it's rare to see whales all the way this far up on the Hudson. 

"They'll come up to the Verrazano Bridge, go into the upper bay -- Staten Island Ferry, Statue of Liberty area -- but I do a lot of the piloting in this area, in the Hudson, and I've never seen them come up this far north," he said. 

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