Weak Economy Has Landlords Dropping Rent Prices

Got $3,000 to spend? There are deals to be had

There are deals to be had in the world of real estate, even in the Tri-State.

Broker Darius Solomon said many landlords are dropping prices, even offering a free month's rent or other perks not often seen around this area.

At one location in the heart of Hoboken, Solomon described what you can rent for $3,000 a month: A two-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms, and 1,200 square feet.

"You get a lot more space than Manhattan, so if you're looking for an extra bedroom or bathroom, this is a great alternative," Solomon said.

For the same price, you can double the space in Yonkers with four bedrooms and two baths.

"It's definitely an alternative you might choose when you're looking for a larger home for your rental dollars," Solomon said.

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