Video Shows NYC Grocery Store Manager Survive Hammer to Forehead in Morning Attack

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A New York City grocery store manager who was attacked by a man with a hammer survived but he was just an inch from a possibly deadly blow.

Ramon Acevedo says he was opening up the Gristedes supermarket in Chelsea Thursday morning when he saw a man who has previously shoplifted and sexually harassed a cashier outside. It's unclear if words were exchanged but surveillance video shows the man pick up a hammer from the street and swung at the 64-year-old.

Acevedo says he tried to dodge the attack but the suspect managed to hit him in the forehead, leaving a "humungous gash." Still conscious even after the blow, Acevedo tried to chase after his attack with a coworker but the man got away.

"One inch to the right maybe I wouldn’t be here talking about it," he said.

As the pain on his forehead slowly subsides, Acevedo is feeling disappointment more than anything else "because [the suspect] should not have been there," he said. "I have put this guy in police's hands."

The grandfather of five who's turning 65 years old on Monday says he has worked for the supermarket for 46 years, and 12 stitches to his head won't stop him from returning to work. When asked if he's worried about going back, Acevedo said he's not.

"Because I shouldn’t have to worry about it. I’ll be paying more attention myself, now I know what this guy is capable so I’ll take a different stance," he said.

As police continue to search for the suspect, the store is now guarded by security.

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