Video Shows Vicious New Jersey Dog Attack

Witnesses said the dog attack in Plainfield, N.J. went on for five minutes

A 55-year-old New Jersey woman was viciously attacked by two dogs in Plainfield Saturday, and the violent encounter was captured on video.

The video shows the victim lying helplessly on the ground as the owner of the two dogs and a passerby try to keep the dogs off her. The 5-year old American bulldogs are seen breaking free and biting the woman repeatedly. 
Witnesses said the attack went on for five minutes.

"The lady is screaming, 'Oh my god, they're biting me,'" said K'Shawn Scott, who filmed the video with his cell phone. "The dogs, I could see it in their eyes, something had them angry."

Police said the dogs ran out to West 7th Street and attacked the woman after their owner failed to lock the fence. Neighbors said it wasn't the first time the dogs had gotten loose.

When police responded, the dogs were still biting the woman and officers fired five shots, killing both dogs, brothers named Max and Marley.

The owner of the dogs was issued four summonses for having vicious and unleashed dogs, police said.

The victim was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital where she is continuing to recover from the numerous dog bites to her head, hands and legs.

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