‘Pizza Rat 2:' Rodents Battle Over Crust on Subway Tracks

After a two-year hiatus, is this the return of Pizza Rat?

In a video uploaded to Instagram by Mike Marotti on Thursday, two rats can be seen battling it out over a pizza crust on the A/C/E tracks at the Canal Street subway station.

And while it may or may not be a rare appearance by the famous rodent – this time, there was fierce competition for a bite of one of New York City's famous pies.

Appropriately captioned “Pizza Rat 2: Battle for the Throne,” the 30-second video shows the rodents persistently pulling at the crust with their teeth in a drawn-out struggle for a meal. In between staredowns, the rivals appear to use their weight and paws to grip the ground, working relentlessly to be the last rat standing.

In the final moments, one of the rats suddenly forfeits the crust and leaves the scene as the other scurries away with the grand prize.

The original Pizza Rat from 2015 showed a rat lugging an entire slice of pizza down the subway stairs. The video went viral, garnering over 10 million views on Youtube.

Since then, other city creatures have gained notoriety for their feasting ways.

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