Two Carolyns Lining Up For 2010 Gillibrand Challenge

Maloney telling supporters she's considering Senate run

She may have beaten out a famous Caroline, but now she has to watch out for two Carolyns.

Kirsten Gillibrand’s Senate seat is barely warm, but she’s already facing a potential primary challenge from a second Congressional colleague named Carolyn.

We knew Long Island Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy was threatening to challenge Gillibrand in a 2010 Democratic primary, but News 4 New York has confirmed that Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has been telling her supporters she too may join the race.

So much for New York Democrats uniting behind their new Senator. Fellow Democrats are sharpening their knives in the wake of a bruising selection process.

Sources familiar with the discussions confirm Congresswoman Maloney began discussing the idea immediately following Gov. David Paterson’s appointment of Gillibrand, at a fundraiser at an East Side donor’s home.

It’s clear Maloney is still smarting that Paterson didn’t choose her.

Maloney avoided answering several questions about her future Senate ambitions, but wasn’t shy about expressing her recent disappointment.

When News4 asked Maloney how she's feeling now that some time has passed since Gillibrand's appointment, she emphasized that she only lost by one vote.

"Of course only one vote mattered," she said.

But what has she been telling her supporters?

"There are many things," Maloney said. "Many things are under consideration."

Just before she walked away Wednesday, she took a final jab or two at Gillibrand.

"Some people have called me," Maloney said. "They're concerned not only about immigration and the gun-control vote but also three times she voted against the economic rescue package for New York. Who needs a senator who votes against the economic interests of New York State?"

Maloney then closed with a hint of sarcasm.

"Hopefully, she’ll vote for the stimulus package," she said. "I'm hoping she will. We'll see."

Gillibrand's communications director, Rachel McEneny, said Maloney's statements were "very disappointing." McEneny said, "The Senator is focused on creating jobs in New York, getting the best stimulus package possible for New York and working hand and glove with Sen. Schumer."

For Democrats like Chuck Schumer and David Paterson, the Maloney news is a likely annoyance. Schumer’s office declined to comment. 

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