NYC Girl, an Animal Lover, Has Epic Idea for Fifth Birthday Party

Emma Mudrick, who wants to be a zookeeper when she grows up, told DNAinfo she was worried about street trash because "animals eat it and they might die"

A little Queens girl who loves animals wanted to celebrate her fifth birthday in a unique way -- by picking up trash littering her neighborhood so the critters that take to the streets wouldn't eat it and get sick. 

So Emma Mudrick's parents threw her a "Trash Pickup" party with her friends over the weekend, according to DNAinfo. It wasn't just about picking up garbage -- her parents had party-goers design their own aprons, put on work gloves and use toy claws to pick up the trash, according to the website.

DNAinfo says they cleared trash for nearly a mile in Astoria, then celebrated with lunch at a restaurant nearby. 

And the Sanitation Department threw in pins and coloring books for the guests to take home. 

"It was even funner than I thought," Mudrick told DNAinfo. 

She decided on the party idea after strolling through her neighborhood a few months back. 

"When I was going to my friend's house in the summer, I saw a lot of trash on the ground," the eco-conscious child told DNAinfo. 

Mudrick, who wants to be a zookeeper when she grows up, told the website she was worried because "animals eat it and they might die." 

Her parents said they were very proud, and that they wouldn't be surprised if some other children opted to have a "trash party" because of Mudrick's example.

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