Transit Cop Testifies in Alleged Walkie-Talkie Sodomy Case

Transit cop testifies before grand jurors investigating sodomy claim

An attorney for a transit police officer said his client testified before grand jurors investigating a 24-year-old man's claims that police beat and sodomized him in a Brooklyn subway station.

The lawyer, Paul Martin, refused to discuss his client's testimony in detail. But he said the officer initially did not know what he had witnessed.

Martin said his client "saw an incident take place, but the nature of exactly what took place he didn't piece together until he read it in the newspapers."

Michael Mineo said he was surrounded and attacked by four officers on Oct. 15. He said one officer yanked down his pants and sodomized him with a radio antenna.

The New York Police Department disputes the allegations and said witness accounts don't support Mineo's claim he was sodomized.

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