Transit Museum Looking for Subway Love

Have you ever taken the love train?

The New York Transit Museum wants to know. It's asking anyone who has ever met true love on a subway, train or bus to share his or her stories.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority says it gives 2.6 billion trips each year on its transit system _ making for a lot of chances for Cupid's arrows to strike.

"I believe that love can be found in the most weirdest places," Annie James, a retired commodities trader from Canarsie, Brooklyn, told the Daily News. "You just need to be at the right place at the right time."

One couple who found each other is Christopher Archer and Jirina Ribbens.

They told the Daily News they met in July 2005 while on a train to Coney Island. A year later, Archer proposed to her. A minister married them and said there was a lot to be learned from the modes of transportation that brought them together.

"The MTA: expect delays and disruptions; the LIRR: it can take a while to reach a beautiful destination but the trip is worth it; and the Staten Island ferry: the best things in life are free."

The stories riders share will be posted on the museum's website on Valentine's Day.

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