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Alleged Tipsy Trader Tried to Torch 7 World Trade

A commodities trader almost started a fire at the World Trade Center 7 early Saturday.

The man has been identified as Ryan Brinkerhoff.

Police said early Saturday Brinkerhoff tried getting to his office but took the elevator to the wrong floor. He then got into a freight elevator and couldn't get out. 

In a statement sent to News 4 Nre Yotk, Port Authority police said, "The employee then attempted to ignite a fire in an apparent effort to attract attention and exit the elevator, causing a contained smoke condition that activated the fire alarm system and returned the elevator to the ground floor."

Police said Brinkerhoff appeared intoxicated when he was arrested. The alleged tipsy trader works at DRW Commodities which is located on 34th floor of 7 world trade center.

Brinkerhoff was charged with various felony and misdemeanor counts.

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