Tourist Who Lost Leg in Taxi Crash Near Rockefeller Plaza Moved Out of ICU

The taxi driver who hit her has had his license suspended, but blames an angry bike messenger for the crash

The British tourist who lost her leg when a taxi cab jumped the curb and struck her near Rockefeller Plaza has been moved out of the intensive care unit and started rehabilitation for her injuries, according to her family's attorney.

Sian Green, 23, was walking on Sixth Avenue near 49th Street in late August, having just arrived in New York City for vacation, when the yellow cab hit her, pinning her on the sidewalk. Her left leg was severed. A plumber used his belt as a tourniquet, but doctors couldn't save it.

Green's right leg was also badly wounded but is expected to regain most of its functionality with time and physical therapy, according to doctors.

Daniel Marchese, Green's attorney, said Wednesday that she began rehabilitation and will remain at Bellevue Hospital for the duration of her therapy, but that she's in good spirits and the doctors moving her out of the ICU marks "a milestone in her recovery."

The cab driver who hit Green accepted a 30-day license suspension but says the accident wasn't his fault. He told authorities an angry bike messenger who banged on his car startled him into hitting the accelerator and running up on the curb.

He and the Federation of Taxi Drivers set up a fund to help with Green's recovery and have raised thousands of dollars.

The Manhattan district attorney's office is investigating the crash, and Marchese said further legal decisions on Green's behalf would be made after the probe was completed.

Meanwhile, Marchese said the woman's family is thankful for all the support they've received and continues to ask for privacy as Green works toward recovery.

"Sian's recovery is our primary concern and goal at the present time," said Marchese.

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