Abused Pit Bull Rescued During NJ Police Raid Loves Her New Family’s Baby

Karma had been kept as a bait-dog, and was covered in acid burns

The good that you do, it comes back to you. 

Four years ago, the life of Christina Puglisi and her family would be forever changed when she took a risk and adopted Karma the pit bull. Karma was rescued from New York Bully Crew, a not-for-profit rescue organization, after being found badly abused during a police guns-and-drug raid in Paterson, New Jersey.

Cops found cages crammed with dogs used for illegal fighting hidden away, and Karma was used a bait-dog, Puglisi said. From what she knows, the dog was tied to a tree and practiced on by other dogs to test their fighting instincts. Karma was also badly burned with acid, and her lip had been ripped off.

However Puglisi was immediately drawn to her pictures on the New York Bully Crew Facebook page and eventually adopted the dog. Already a mother of two, Puglisi said she was a little nervous about bringing an abused dog into her family home. To this day she is not sure of Karma's exact breed.

“Anybody would be nervous,” she said. She said she was most upset by the possibility of letting her kids down if the rescue process didn’t go well. “What if Karma didn’t know how to receive love?”

But any shadow of doubt was shattered after bringing Karma back to their home in Coram, New York. Adorable videos show just how loving the pit bull is to her new family, especially Puglisi's baby daughter. In one, she is seen licking the baby's tiny fingers, and in another, jumping up to help when the little girl falls over giggling on the couch. The clips get tens of thousands of views on Instagram. [Watch the video above to see!]

“From day one, Karma was loving and there has never been one bad instance,” she said. According to Puglisi, Karma is incredibly calm and loving. She puts her family first and would “do anything for them. Karma is another one of my children.”

For anyone looking to adopt, or just looking to help, New York Bully Crew allows for adoptions, donations, sponsorships and volunteer opportunities.

Puglisi wants anybody thinking about rescuing a dog to remember “not to judge a book by its cover". She says that anybody—human and animal—is worth a second chance.

“Pits aren’t raised to be beaten by humans…they deserve love."

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