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These Are NYC's Most Expensive Zip Codes, Study Shows

What to Know

  • PropertyClub conducted a study to find out NYC's most expensive zip codes based on the number and median price of first-half home sales
  • 10007 in Manhattan is the most expensive zip code, with a median sale price of $4.1 million
  • 40 zip codes belong to Manhattan, and 30 belong to Brooklyn

New York City boasts some of the highest costs of living in all of the United States, and prices continue to rise throughout the Big Apple.

PropertyClub conducted a study and compiled New York City’s 100 most expensive zip codes for the first half of 2019, showing just how much money it costs to live a healthy lifestyle in one of the world’s most iconic cities. The results were based on the median sale price of homes in each zip code from Jan. 1 through June 30.

Manhattan featured 40 of the city’s top-100 zip codes, with 10007 being the highest of the bunch. The city’s most expensive zip code boasts a median sale price of $4.1 million across 121 first-half sales. 10007 consists of parts of Tribeca and the Civic Center submarket. The cumulative sales totaled $681 million.

In addition to holding the top spot, Manhattan zip codes monopolize the top-10, with the first non-Manhattan zip code on the list being 11109 in Queens, which features a median sale price of $2.1 million between five sales. This area of Long Island City saw significant interest in luxury buildings and high sale prices due to it originally being part of a plan to house an Amazon headquarters. All five sales were at the same location, totaling a combined value of $11 million.

While Manhattan had the most zip codes on the list, Brooklyn is right behind, claiming 30 of the city’s most expensive zip codes. The most expensive zip code in Brooklyn was 11231, which completed 71 sales with a median sale price of $1.65 million. This zip code includes parts of Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Red Hook and Gowanus.

Two Bronx zip codes cracked the top-100. The Kingsbridge and Riverdale zip code of 10471 was the higher of the two at no. 55, with 21 homes sold with a median sale price of $900,000. 10474 is the other, with six sales averaging $740,268 in the Hunts Point section. No Staten Island zip codes made the cut.

While price tells one side of the story, each borough on the list also had one zip code that was busier than the rest. 11354 in Queens slid onto the list at no. 100, but was the most popular part of the borough, totaling 124 first-half sales. In Brooklyn, 11215 was 35th in the rankings but had 199 first-half sales. A whopping 213 sales occurred in Manhattan’s 10002 zip code which ranked no. 21, making it the busiest on the list.

PropertyClub’s study was based on first-half sales for condominiums, co-ops, single-family homes and two-family homes. The study also considered a minimum sale price of $1,000.

To view the full list and breakdown, click here.

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