Water Pipe Gods Are Angry in Brooklyn

Is the Poseiden of the Brooklyn sewers upset about something? Over the past few days, two different buildings in Williamsburg took it upon themselves to soak their world with water.

First, Curbed reports that a new condo on Maspeth Avenue burst a water pipe, and it was caught by a neighboring food critic.

That blogger, Me So Hungry, wrote Tuesday evening, "Everyone was asleep and the buzzer rang. I thought I was dreaming it. I looked over and saw that it looked a little wet on the floor. Figured I spilled something. I touched it and it splattered. Then got up and I was standing in a puddle. At the door were four fighters come to save the day." He then mentioned that some of his neighbors got over a foot of water, damaging "a lot of stuff."

He later wrote Curbed editors explaining the event, noting the property owners absense throughout the whole ordeal: "We all (fire dept, our landlord, neighbor & myself) can't seem to get a hold of the property owners. When I called, it rang once and gave a super loud buzz in my ear. I guess they don't want to deal with it."

But the carnage doesn't stop there! Earlier this week a building on the corner of Graham Avenue and Powers St. in Brooklyn was spraying water out of a pipe onto a taped-off sidewalk.  The tape was seemingly put up by the fire department. A closer inspection of the building however didn't reveal any fire damage, and now, water damage experts are on the scene drying the place out. What's going on, New York? Are we sinking?!

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