Swine Flu Fears Lead to Girl-on-Girl Brawl on D Train

After a rough spring that saw as many as 20 to 40 percent of New Yorkers exposed to H1N1, subway riders have resorted to defending themselves with their fists.

Violence struck on a southbound D train Monday morning after two women got into an argument over one's refusal to cover her mouth while coughing. It ended with her spitting on the other, a punch, and the second woman dragging the first to the floor of the car by her hair.

Here's the play-by-play account, as witnessed firsthand by The Business Insider's Lawrence Delevingne:

"No one got the conductor -- it just seemed like a shouting match -- but as the train pulled into 42nd Street, the coughing woman spit on the other, provoking what sounded like a punch from the reaction of the crowd (we didn't directly see it). Then the cougher attempted to exit the train as the doors were open, but the second woman grabbed her by the back of the hair, violently yanking her down to the floor."

Be careful out there transit riders, and remember, cover your mouth, wash your hands, and don't spit on each other. What is this, elementary school?

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