Sleeping Subway Rider Has Backpack Snatched, Gets $500 Facebook Ransom Demand for Car Title

The 19-year-old rider had been sleeping on a train on Christmas; cops say a 28-year-old man grabbed his bag

What to Know

  • A man grabbed a backpack from a sleeping subway rider Christmas day; it had a car title, Macbook Pro laptop and credit cards inside
  • Cops say the suspect contacted the victim via Facebook seeking $500 ransom for the car title
  • Police identified the suspected thief as 28-year-old Jose Muniz; anyone who has information about him is asked to call the cops

Authorities are looking for a man who allegedly snatched a backpack from a 19-year-old straphanger snoozing on a subway Christmas day and then sent him a Facebook message demanding $500 ransom for the car title that was inside. 

The young victim was sleeping on a northbound No. 2 train in the Bronx around 8 a.m. Dec. 25. Cops say Jose Muniz, 28, grabbed his backpack, which had the car title, a Macbook Pro laptop and various credit cards inside. 

At some point, the victim got a Facebook message holding the car title for ransom. Cops say Muniz has been previously arrested, though it's not clear for what offense. They released a mugshot from that incident (above).

Anyone with information is asked to call police.  

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