New Jersey

Power Outage at New Jersey Senior Home Sparks Brief Scare

The storm was a major scare to a senior citizens' home in New Jersey, where power was briefly knocked out Tuesday.

"My oxygen was going off, which got me full of anxiety because when you can't breathe, you're a wreck," said Thomas McGovern, a resident at the Verona Senior Citizens Home. 

The storm knocked a tree down onto a power line at the home at around 10 a.m., and the resulting power outage forced him to improvise. McGovern plugged his oxygen tank into a temporary power source.

A resident named Vi worried during the outage: "We have no heat, no electricity, and we have seniors here who need life support and stuff."

But a PSE&G crew quickly responded and worked to restore power at the home. Worker Enrique Huzo went up in a bucket truck to thread a new power line. 

"We don't get snow days, rain days, we're always out in the thick of the weather 'cause we gotta get the lights back on," he said. 

The crew went on to the next outage and they expect to work late Tuesday night -- but Huzo says it could have been worse. 

"I've been rain, sleet worse than this. Today wasn't too bad," he said. 

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