Giants' Co-owner Steve Tisch on Concerns About Team Getting Ebola: Cowboys Will Get it First

New York Giants' co-owner Steve Tisch said the Cowboys would get Ebola "first," when asked by a TMZ Sports reporter if he was worried about the team heading to Dallas in two weeks to take on Tony Romo and crew.

Up to 100 people may have been exposed to the person who tested positive for Ebola after arriving in Dallas from Liberia a week ago, authorities have said. That number includes at least five children.

But Tisch isn't concerned about his G-Men being exposed.

"The Cowboys are gonna get it first so it's to our advantage," Tisch told the TMZ Sports reporter as he left a restaurant in West Hollywood Wednesday.

Then, he said, "I think the odds are greater that Jerry Jones ... where am I going with this?"

Watch TMZ's full video above.

The Giants play the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium Week Seven.  

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