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Thieving Squirrel Runs Off With Officer's Doughnut in ‘Straight-Up Felony': Police

Police in Alaska are on the lookout for a squirrel that snatched an officer's doughnut in their parking lot and ran off, a theft the department's parking lot described in a quip as a "straight-up felony." 

In a video posted on the department's Facebook page, the squirrel is seen with what appears to be a glazed doughnut clenched in its teeth as it runs through the lot. An officer holding the camera moves slowly in between and around cars, looking for the rogue squirrel, before coming upon it -- and off it runs again. 

Aside from calling it a straight-up felony, the Anchorage department also said, "it's rude." Anyone who sees the squirrel can give Anchorage cops a call. 

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