Spitzer Talks Wall Street, Dodges Re-election Questions on Colbert Report

Love Gov meanders through Colbert Nation

Eliot Spitzer took the host seat on The Colbert Report Tuesday night, deflecting questions about ever running for office again while discussing the current problems with Wall Street.

Steven Colbert began the interview by chiding the former New York governor for the 2008 call girl scandal that forced him to resign. Alluding to the scandal throughout the interview though never referring to it by name, Colbert went on to say that, in spite of everything, he still liked Spitzer.

"You've got no public image to uphold," he quipped, adding, "It's better that you don't uphold your public image at this point."

Spitzer laughed and agreed, saying "there is a certain virtue to being able to tell the absolute truth and stick it to people without worrying about repercussions."

The rest of the interview was spent discussing  Wall Street, which Spitzer feels needs to be more heavily regulated.

"The same people who inflated the bubble in the first place are in charge again," he said. "And the same people running the banks who destroyed our economy are still there."

Lastly, Colbert asked Spitzer about the recent re-appointment of Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke, who "oversaw" the worldwide economic collapse.

"Does this give you hope for being re-elected Governor of New York?" he asked. "May I remind you--he screwed everybody!"

Spitzer laughed and said, "I just became a big fan of Ben Bernanke."

See the video below:

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