16-Year-Old Driver Clocked at 170 KPH Gives Canadian Police Unusual Excuse: ‘Too Many Hot Wings, Needed a Bathroom'

What to Know

  • A 16-year-old driver was clocked going 170 kilometers per hour (about 106 mph) in a Camaro in Canada earlier this month, authorities said
  • The excuse the driver gave? "Too many hot wings & needed a bathroom," the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Manitoba said
  • The driver got fined $966 for speeding, plus another $203 fine for not having a supervising licensed driver in the car

That's a new one. 

Cops pulling over a driver tearing along a highway in Canada at a mind-blowing speed of 170 kilometers an hour (the equivalent of about 106 mph in a 62 mph-zone) encountered a 16-year-old behind the wheel -- and a highly unusual excuse. 

"Too many hot wings & needed a bathroom," the driver told Royal Canadian Mounted Police Manitoba after being stopped in a Camaro earlier this month. 

Driving rules vary by province in Canada, but 16-year-olds are eligible to drive with a supervising licensed driver for the most part under certain conditions. This kid didn't have one of those in the car either. Police added a $203 fine for that violation on top of issuing a $966 fine for speeding. 

Next time, skip the hot wings. As police tweeted, there's "absolutely #noexcuses for that kind of speed."

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