Newest YouTube Sensations Hit NYC

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Meet Nick and Amy. Not only are they newly engaged and ever so charming, but they are the duo behind "Karmin" – the self-made YouTube sensation that may have them on their way to a record deal.

Two weeks ago, the couple posted a cover of Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now," where Amy's unique and surprisingly superior rapping skills got their video millions of views. A week later, they were on "Ellen." (Watch their awesome performance in the embedded video below.)

And now MTV is flashing their mugs across a big Times Square plasma. The couple is from Boston, but their faces and unique talent are captivating New Yorkers everywhere as they travel across the country.

It may have been a quick rise to pseudo stardom, but Noonan and Heidemann have been honing their skills for years together. They formally formed "Karmin" back in January 2010.

"The relationship had been going really well, so we thought, 'What's the best way to screw it up?' Work together," the couple joked.

Initially Noonan and Heidemann only put their own songs online, but it wasn't until they started doing covers that they really got noticed.

They have no record label, no funding -- just two sets of lungs, some instruments, and matching fearless attitudes, plus the knowledge that social media is a powerful tool.

Now their phone really is ringing off the hook. The pair have been living out of suitcases, getting an hour or two of sleep on cross-country flights and are generally just trying to take advantage of all the attention.

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