Monica Seles Courting Billionaire, 67

Tennis great dating hockey team owner and political activist

It might be too early to call it love, but tennis great Monica Seles is dating a New York billionaire nearly twice her age, according to a report.

Seles, 35, has been seen out and about with Tom Golisano, the Buffalo Sabres owner and founder of the payroll firm Paychex whose passion is meddling in New York politics. When the New York Post cornered Golisano, who just brokered a deal  giving Republicans control of the New York state Senate, the 67-year-old, three-times-divorced playa owned up.

"Monica and I see each other," the Rochester resident said.

The Post reports that Seles and Golisano turned heads last year when he brought her to a ceremony marking his $10 million donation to Niagara University. Then, he took her to a Sabres game, where they sat with former President Clinton.

In a article last fall, Golisano gave the former tennis star's name when asked who was the coolest person he had on cellphone speed dial.

Seles lives in Florida, and the two could become even closer soon: Golisano, ticked off by a new tax on millionaires, vowed to split the Empire State. 

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