Judge Orders Saggy-Pant Wearers to Cover Their Behinds

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One Manhattan judge is so fed up with seeing teenagers' backsides in his courtroom that he’s taped a notice to the defense table that reads: “Pull Up Pants.”

It’s unusual for judges to implement wardrobe regulations, but Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Eduardo Padro, who hears cases primarily involving teenagers, tells The New York Post his ordinance is about encouraging defendants to look the part if they want another chance.

“One of the things I’m a stickler about is that they need to carry themselves appropriately, dress appropriately and learn how to address people properly,” Padro told the paper. “It’s about respect.”

If they don't comply, Padro may return them to their holding cells to regroup or comment on the impropriety of their attire during the hearing.

For the most part, teenagers in Padro’s courtroom appear to get his message, reports the Post.

Public opposition to saggy pants is increasingly common. President Barack Obama expressed his desire not to see the underwear of those who choose to ride their pants below their hips, and state Sen. Eric Adams posted a similar message on billboards last year.

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