Saggy Pants Billboards Go Up in Brooklyn

Brooklyn residents awoke Thursday to the sight of two "Stop the Sag" billboards -- and more were on the way.

The billboards are an initiative of Sen. Eric Adams, who believes droopy pants with underwear showing is unkempt and degrading.

Signs on the billboard urge those who would wear their pants that way to "raise your pants, raise your image."

The sign depicts two men in jeans set low enough to show their boxers.

Adams bankrolled the signs with $2,000 in campaign cash and they will primarily hang in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  The signs were supposed to go up Monday, but the rain prompted a delay.

The Democratic State Senator is the latest in a series of public figures to decry the style that's been popular since the 1990s.
The chorus of complaints hit something of a fever pitch recently. "American Idol" auditioner Larry Platt became an Internet sensation with his song "Pants on the Ground," in January.

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