Worker Strapped to Stretcher, Lowered to Ground After Fall on NJ Roof

Rescue crews in Jersey City strapped a worker to a stretcher and lowered him to the ground using ropes after he fell from one part of a synagogue's roof to another, officials said.

The man, believed to be a construction worker, was rescued at about 4:30 p.m. after his 15-foot fall on the roof of the synagogue on John F. Kennedy Boulevard near Summit Avenue, authorities said.

Jersey City firefighters executed a delicate high-angle operation to get to the worker, who was immobilized with a back injury, and lower him more than 300 feet, said Jersey City Fire Captain Michael Davis. 

They strapped him tightly to a stretcher and set up a rigging system to lower him slowly. The man was then put in a neck brace and given oxygen, Chopper 4 video shows.

The worker has back and leg injuries but is expected to survive, said fire officials. 

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