A Robot Can Help You at HSBC's Midtown Manhattan Branch

HSBC’s newest staff member can answer your banking questions, as well as give you directions, dance, and even take a selfie.

HSBC partnered with SoftBank Robotics to bring your banking experience to a whole new level with Pepper, a humanoid robot that can interact with customers at HSBC’s Fifth Avenue branch.

Opening with a welcoming, “How may I help you?”, Pepper can assist and answer your many questions, ranging from “Tell me about credit cards.” to “Where is the nearest subway station?”

Once introductory questions are answered, Pepper can transfer any inquiries to a human representative who will be available to assist. 

If robots aren’t your thing, customers can always use the HSBC banking app, go to a teller, or wait in line if they want to.

Softbank says Pepper has officially learned thirteen other languages such as Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, along with many European languages, with more in the process of learning.

“Customers can come, have fun, and enjoy banking for once,” says Pablo Sanchez, HSBC’s head of retail banking and wealth management in North America.

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