Anti-Semitic Accusations Complicate PugGate

The blogs sound off...

Get your morning scoop on the second day of NYPD PugGate, as differing witness accounts on the subway altercation send this story spinning for another run around the bases in today's local blog round-up. After the Reuven Blau over at the New York Post reported that a witness said Brodigan "insulted [the cop] with anti-Semitic slurs and tried to walk away," a few local blogs weighed in.

  • While the "voice of the Orthodox Jewish community," Vos Iz Neias, essentially copied and pasted the New York Post story, the site's commenters wrote in supporting the officer in question. One anonymous commenter wrote, "Good job Joel keep it up. Don't let yourself down from those who hate you because you are Jewish," while another added, "Hasidic or not, this officer represents the law. It sounds as if he gave her the opportunity to put the dog in his carrier and she refused." [Vos Iz Neias]
  • Meanwhile, Gothamist noted how quickly the Post found their source, writing, "It's impressive that the Post tracked down a witness and "a source" so quickly, since they emailed us at 5:10 p.m. to request information, twenty minutes after we published the story [on Tuesday]." They also spoke with another witness, who said the alleged anti-Semitic insults "absolutely did not happen." [Gothamist]
  • Gawker, ever-watchful with a skeptical eye, asks of the anti-Semitic accusations, "Ha, really? A little extreme, no? Chrissie denies saying this. Do people really say that, in Williamsburg? Pug owners? It seems doubtful."  [Gawker]
  • But what's most hilarious is ABC's video of Brodigan re-enacting how she puts her pug in a carrier. This also shows that it's not really a carrier at all, but a tote bag!  As an avid IKEA fan I'd like to interject here and say that one of their big blue bags would be waaaay better. [ABC]

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