Barefoot Escaped Prisoner Surrenders to Authorities After 3-Day Stint on the Run: Sources

The 57-year-old man who escaped police custody in Manhattan last week surrendered to authorities Monday after a three-day stint on the run, law enforcement sources familiar with the case tell NBC 4 New York.

Arthur Collins surrendered in court Monday and was taken back into custody; he escaped, barefoot, while he was being held in the 25th Precinct around 6:30 p.m. Friday. Collins was in a holding cell for processing, and officers discovered he was gone when they went to check on him, according to police. He was not handcuffed at the time.

Collins had been arrested earlier Friday afternoon when officers responded to a 911 call for a man lurking inside an apartment on Madison Avenue, police said.

He allegedly tried to flee the cops but was caught before he could leave the building, and was found with crack, powdered cocaine, heroin, marijuana and a firearm silencer in his possession.

He was arrested on burglary and drug charges, police said.

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