Power Outage Disrupts 7 Subway Lines in Heart of Manhattan

A power loss wrought havoc on more than a half-dozen subway lines running through the heart of Manhattan mid-morning Tuesday.

Seven lines -- the A, B, C, D, E, F and M -- were disrupted around 11 a.m. Tuesday because of a "temporary power loss" between 14th Street and West Fourth, the MTA says. Some lines were also rerouted or briefly suspended. 

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The MTA qualified the issue as an "isolated and temporary loss of track power" stemming from "safety equipment" that was activated at 14th Street and shut down third-rail power on all tracks.

Power was restored shortly before 11:30 a.m., the MTA said, but trains were heavily delayed. Of the 11 subfields on the MTA's subway service widget, only four indicated "good service" at that time, though three lines had planned work. 

The outage came on the second straight day of smothering heat made worse by stifling humidity. Temps Tuesday are expected to cap out at the high 80s though, slightly cooler than Monday's searing 90-plus degrees.

Get real-time transit updates below: 

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