Plumbers Injured After Falling Through Bathroom Floor of ‘Neglected' NYC Apartment

Two plumbers working on the first floor unit in a New York City apartment building were sent falling down into the basement after a bathroom floor partially collapsed underneath them on Tuesday.

The workers were in the middle of removing and installing a new bathtub in Deyanira Tabarez's home at the decades-old Morris Heights apartment. That's when she heard a loud noise and screaming. She took videos that show one of the workers lying in rubble on what appear to be the basement floor. 

Emergency personnel rescued the men and they were taken away on stretchers but they're expected to be OK.

Residents say the management company has been neglecting the building at 1535 Undercliff Avenue for a long time. According to StreetEasy, the 6-story structure was built in 1930 and it has 146 units.

"It's an old structure. But these are things that need to be checked by building supervisors in buildings especially this old," resident John Ross told News 4. "I've been here 40 years, they've never been in my apartment to inspect it."

NYC Department of Buildings inspectors were on the scene to take a look at the damage and put a vacate order on the apartment's door. Tabarez and her 6-year-old daughter Rubeles Aquinos will now how to find another place to live. 

It's not clear how long until they'll be allowed back inside their home.

The building's management company, Residential Management (NY) Inc., did not return News 4's calls for comment.

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