Seaplane Goes Down Near Water on Long Island

A small seaplane crash-landed on a waterfront embankment on Long Island Tuesday morning.

The single-engine, single-passenger aircraft went down just feet from the waters of the Great South Bay off of Bayport shortly before 7 a.m., Suffolk County police say.

Chopper 4 footage from the scene shows what appears to be a small seaplane crashed in the sand by the water. Several emergency responders are at the scene.

Authorities say the pilot, Joseph Cannizzaro, was sitting on his seaplane when authorities arrived. The 57-year-old Cannizzaro refused medical attention at the scene.

Officials say he was trying to fly the plane from the Great South Bay off Gerritsen Avenue when the pontoon and left wing caught water, causing it to go down. It never got very high.

The FAA investigated and released the plane to Cannizzaro.

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