WATCH: ‘Pizza Rat' Drags Giant Slice Down Subway Steps

Video showing a rat lugging a giant slice of pizza down a staircase at a Manhattan subway stop appears to be resonating with an audience of fascinated New Yorkers as #pizzarat trends on social media.

The 15-second video posted online by comedian Matt Little shows a rat dragging by its teeth a whole slice of pizza down a staircase at the First Avenue L station in Manhattan just after 1 a.m. Monday, according to BuzzFeed News, who interviewed Little. 

The rodent nimbly scurries down a couple steps with the slice, at one point pushing it forward with its paws as the slice flips.

Perhaps spooked by Little, the rat suddenly abandons the pizza just two steps up from the platform and runs away behind the corner of the staircase -- but quickly pokes his head up again to assess the slice.

"A rat tries to bring slice of pizza down subway station stairs," Little captioned his video on YouTube. "OR Master Splinter bringing food home to feed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?," referencing the cartoon ninjas' love of pizza. 

Little said after he stopped filming, the rat went back up, took a quick bite of the pizza, then dashed off again. 

"I like to think he saw us and he wanted to share," he told BuzzFeed News. 


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