Giant Peacock Takes Ride on NYC Subway

Of all the bizarre creatures spotted on the New York City subway, none ruffled as many feathers as a peacock seen in Brooklyn.

Subway rider Matthew Chayes tweeted that a man walked onto the train with his majestic bird in hand Thursday afternoon.

The pair were riding the uptown 3 train in Brooklyn, heading to a bar, according to reports.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether the peacock was alive or a taxidermy, but Twitter commenters conjectured it was stuffed since it stood on a wooden perch, according to am NewYork.

As the photo suggests, fellow subway riders remained unfazed. After all, this wasn’t the first peacock that graced the New York City subways.

A woman was seen walking a peacock on a leash just one month earlier in June.

Other critters recently spotted on the subway include a raccoon being fed by a woman and a snake wrapped around an L-train pole.

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