PBA to Honor Bratton as “Man of the Year”

Honor could be seen a diss to Top Cop Ray Kelly

Former NYPD Top Cop Bill Bratton hasn't worked in the Big Apple since 1996 but that doesn't mean he still isn't a popular guy around these parts, especially with the NYPD.

Bratton, the outgoing LAPD Chief, is to be honored next month as the NYPD's PBA's "Man of the Year," which is interesting because he's been living on the West Coast for the past seven years.

It's hard to not see this as a slap in the face  to current NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Bratton is moving to New York next month for a cushy job in the private sector, acting as CEO of Altegrity Security Consulting. But last week he had an interesting response when asked by theNew York Daily News if would consider returning to the NYPD some day.

"Oh sure. I'm only 61. That's a possibility down the line," Bratton told the News. "Those that know me know I never close any doors. Well with some exceptions: I've closed the door on politics to show my sanity. I'm not crazy."

Could history repeat himself and Bratton one day replace Kelly just as he did in 1994, when Mayor Giuliani fired Kelly?

"Maybe we can have a revolving door, as he exits I come through and vice versa," Bratton joked to the News. "We can have our own long-running Broadway play, alternating the lead actors."

Things are getting curiouser and curiouser.


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