Paterson: I Like Mike, But I Won't Endorse Him

Governor doesn't plan to endorse Bloomberg for reelection

Gov. David Paterson thinks Mayor Mike has done a great job. He even said he and Mayor Michael Bloomberg are "great friends." But Paterson doesn't plan to endorse Bloomberg for reelection.
Paterson said he plans to back the Democratic nominee in this year's race for Mayor. 

"I'm the leader of the Democratic party, and my job is to help Democrats," Paterson said.  

Paterson's comments seemed to surprise Bloomberg and his staff, who have gone out of their way to say supportive things about Paterson. 

Bloomberg, a registered independent  is seeking the Republican line on the November ballot. Bloomberg hasn't said if he will seek the Democratic line as well, but political observers say getting the Democratic nod would be an uphill battle.
In another surprise, Paterson said he never supported Bloomberg's efforts to seek a third term. But our videotape tells a different story. Paterson's backtracking comes at a time when Albany Democrats are pushing a term limits bill that would block Bloomberg from running for reelection.

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