In Which We See Lydia Hearst in Her Underwear

Lydia Hearst showed up to host the National Underwear Day at Espace in a lingerie-inspired Marc Bouwer lace gown. But as the hostess of the evening, she had to change before making her stage welcome speech. So she cut off reporters and sneaked behind a black curtain, right behind the red carpet. We followed, stalkerishly. Then a weird thing happened: "They're with me," the publicist said. And we were. Within moments we were behind the black curtain helping Lydia change. Her stylist freaked at the sight of us, but Lydia didn't seem bothered. We were surprised by her perfect posture — the girl didn't flinch. Rather, as if on cue, she lifted her arms and down came her dress. She was wearing a nude strapless bra, Myla since she just became the spokeswoman of the brand. Fearing we would be escorted from the premises, we didn't look down. Once she was safely enclosed in a sequined, short cocktail number, we cleared our throats and asked our one very important question: Was Amelia, her Gossip Girl character, going to become a regular? "That was very, very, very much fun. Unfortunately, I turned it down." She turned it down? WHAT? "And I will not be coming back. No, no." Why not? She was gone before we could ask. She's probably pissed about the role — they should have written her in as a lingerie model. Interior designer was so p.c. —Sharon Clott

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